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Zagreb Dance Center by 3LHD

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normal Zagreb Dance Center by 3LHD

Croatian architects 3LHD have converted a cinema in Zagreb, Croatia, into a dance centre.

Called Zagreb Dance Center, the building will accommodate around 40 local dance troops.

It includes a large studio and performance space, plus two smaller
practice studios, dressing rooms. bathrooms, storage and offices.

A new entrance hall was added between two neighbouring houses and includes a cafe, library and video store.

This volume connects the courtyard in front to an open-air stage on the roof.

Here’s some text from 3LHD:

The opening of big movieplex cinemas in Zagreb has led to the dying out of old cinema theatres in the city centre.

The City of Zagreb, who is the owner of the old cinema Lika, decided
to reuse the space for new cultural facilities. In that scenario old
cinema Lika was given the role of a new dance centre.

Fifty years of contemporary dance culture in Zagreb has produced
about 40 dance troops, with this project all of them will have a new
home in the city centre.

The cinema is located in a derelict residential block only 100 meters away from the Zagreb’s main square.

The entire project’s program is determined by the gross developed
area defined in the master plan and it places the project in the old
cinema shell.

The new dance centre which will house numerous dancers,
choreographers, art troops and companies will have three multipurpose
studios (one large studio with 150 telescopic seats and two smaller
training studios), three spacious dressing rooms, bathrooms, storages
for props and technology and office spaces.

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The only new architectural element of the centre is the new entrance
lobby, a polyvalent space in the service of communication and meeting
with a cafe, library and a video store.

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It was interpolated on the basis of almost default parameters of the existing neighbouring houses.

Click for larger image
The volume and its broken also form suggest dance movement and they
are a new sign and connection element between the courtyard and the
roof terrace.

Click for larger image
The roof terrace is the final element of the centre and an important
part of the project of preservation and restoration of Zagreb last open
roof stage.

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Project name: Zagreb Dance Center – reconstruction of old cinema Lika
Short project name: Dance Center
Program: public, culture
Status: completed
Project year: 2003
Project start date: 2003
Project end date: 2005 / 2008
Construction start date: 11/2005 I phase; 11/2008 II phase
Construction end date: 09/2009

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Location: Ilica 10
City: Zagreb
Country: Croatia
Site area (m2): 1360
Gross floor area (m2): 1438
Volume (m3): 7082
Footprint (m2): 760
Entry level (m): 123
Client: City of Zagreb
Author: 3LHD

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Project team:
Sasa Begovic, Marko Dabrovic, Tatjana Grozdanic Begovic, Silvije
Novak, Jasminka Jug, Zorislav Petric, Zeljko Mohorovic, Dijana
Vandekar, Marin Mikelic

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Structural Engineering – Berislav Medic, Hrvoje Mihal, UPI-2M;
Building Physics / Details, Mateo Bilus, B.M.P.;
Fire Protection- consultant – Milan Carevic, Inspekting;
MEP Engineering – Mechanical – Igor Šundov, Rena prom;
MEP Engineering – Mechanical – Mario Josipovic;
MEP Engineering – plumbing – Nenad Sutevski, Vodotehnika;
Electrical Engineering – Radovan Tomsic, RP studio;
Electrical Engineering – Renato Majcunic, MR konzalting;
sprinkler installation – Kaleb inzenjering;
Special Consultant – Slaven Delalle;
3D visualization – Janko Velnic

Click for larger image
Main contractor: I phase TA-GRAD, II phase MESIC COM
 AVC (scene technology)
Supervision: I faza PET PROJEKT, II faza Interkonzalting

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Posted by Rose Etherington from dezeen.com

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