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Mixed Use Tower In San Jose De Costa Rica By Moho Architects

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normal Mixed Use Tower In San Jose De Costa Rica By Moho Architects

Mixed Use Tower In San Jose De Costa Rica By Moho Architects

Rising above the skyline of San Jose in Costa Rica, this mixed use tower by Spanish firm Moho Architects
will be a new landmark, providing crucial amenities for the city,
sheltered from the local climate. The concept is driven by a
progressive environmental strategy that is expected to establish new
benchmarks for the region.

The building offers an ideal model of sustainable urban living by
reducing reliance on transport and balancing energy consumption between
its mixed-use program of day and night time activities. Program
include mixed commercial and retail spaces together with a business
center, offices, conference rooms, hotel floors and casino. The tower
rises 25 floors consisting of a viewing platform and restaurant
providing panoramic views over the city.

tower splits and creases independently as it rises into the sky. This
‘head split’ configuration, permits natural lighting, while sky courts
filled with vegetation punctuate at intervals the tower and mitigate
the hot climate.
The development will take advantage of a number of sustainable
energy strategies and key to the energy performance of the building are
its wooden brise-soleil facades, designed to filter solar gain and to
encourage daylight to permeate the complex. The tower is intended to be
a paradigm for passive environmental control, providing an alternative
to the more conventional models of sealed and air-conditioned glass
stumps. The layered facade cuts air-conditioning load and the plan
encourages daylight, reducing the need for artificial lighting.

The project is currently in the schematic design phase and is expected to be completed in 2012.
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