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Innovations in Hospice Architecture

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normal Innovations in Hospice Architecture

Bài gửi by Milunice259 on 2009-11-19, 01:15

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Stephen F. Verdeber, Ben J. Refuerzo “Innovations in Hospice Architecture"
Taylor & Francis | 2006-03-07 | ISBN: 041532713X | 199 pages | PDF | 40,3 MB

around the globe are aging at an unprecedented rate. This trend is
particularly pronounced in Japan, Russia, Western Europe, and in the
United States. Palliative care consists of care provided to persons who
are in the final stages of a terminal illness. Hospice care, however,
is administered to persons of all ages.
Innovations in Hospice Architecture responds to the need for a
theoretically based reference book summarizing key historical as well
as recent developments with respect to this rapidly evolving building
type. The objective is to present an overview of the historical origins
of the contemporary hospice, the diverse variations on the basic
premise of hospice care, to review the scant architectural literature
published on this subject to date, and to present a series of case
studies of exemplary hospices around the world. The concluding chapter
consists of a compendium of planning and design concepts for
environments for palliative care. Case study projects are from Japan,
Canada, Europe, Africa, Australia, the United States, Taiwan, and South
America. These are individually presented and comparatively analyzed,
and prognostications for the future of hospice architecture are
discussed in the concluding section.
This book is of interest to architects, students of healthcare
architecture, direct care providers including nurses, physicians and
therapists, healthcare organizations, and public government agencies.

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