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Dezeen’s top ten: interiors

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normal Dezeen’s top ten: interiors

Bài gửi by shenlong on 2009-11-04, 18:53

Dezeen’s top ten: interiors

Dezeen’s top ten: for this month’s installment of
stories from our archives, here’s a roundup of the ten stories about
interiors that have been most viewed since Dezeen launched. In first place is Boekhandel Selexyz Dominicanen by Dutch architects Merkx + Girod – a bookstore inside a former Dominican church in Maastricht (viewed 18,151 times).

2. An apartment nicknamed The Big White in Bucharest designed by Romanian architects A.A. Studio. Some readers have speculated that it’s popularity is due to the lady in red (viewed 15,687 times).

3. Once again our sneak preview of Kanye West’s New York apartment designed by minimalist architect Claudio Silvestrin has made it into a top ten (viewed 14,994 times).

4. Blue Frog acoustic lounge and studios in Mumbai, India, designed by Angle-Indian architects Serie (viewed 11,071 times).

5. Art Suites at the Icehotel
in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, created by artists from around the world. The
temporary hotel is created from snow and ice each winter (viewed 9,397

6. An
interior project at the Department of Philosophy in the Arts &
Sciences faculty at New York University by Steven Holl Architects (viewed 8,616 times).

7. Maff Apartment, a bed and breakfast attic flat by Queeste Architecten in the Hague, the Netherlands (viewed 7,775 times).

8. A boutique in Tokyo by Japanese designers Jamo Associates for New York fashion designer Phillip Lim, (viewed 7,717 times).

9. Queen’s Gate Terrace apartment by Hogarth Architects, a remodelled interior of a listed apartment in South Kensington, London (viewed 7,550 times).

10. Sayama flats by Schemata Architecture Office of Tokyo, a renovation of an apartment block in the suburb of Sayama (viewed 7,530 times).
That’s it for now; another top ten next month.
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